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Dog Sitting Service



Introducing Staycations, Boarding, and Playdates at the Sanctuary!


Staycations are for our senior dogs or dogs who may not do well with other dogs. We will visit your pet during their feeding hours and provide multiple walks a day. We will send pictures and videos of your precious pet to ease any worries you may have.


Boarding is for our rambunctious, full of energy, ready-to-play friends. Your pet will have full access to our entire Sanctuary including the backyard. Your pet will get to enjoy their very own vacation filled with lots of friends and lots of love!

Playdates are a day packed with fun. All our furry friends get together for zoomies in the backyard. They get chewy time with bones provided by The Village Butcher! We provide lots of treats, toys, and comfy laps for petting.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation for the best fit for your pet.

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