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Choose your pricing plan

  • Team Misfits

    Every month
    Donate $25 monthly to support animal in need of training.
    • Supports animals in need of training prior to adoption
    • We will teach them basic obedience and manners.
  • Team Underdogs

    Every month
    Donate $50 monthly to support adoption event's
    • Each donation will support adoption events.
    • Increase chances of adoption in various local events.
  • Sanctuary Supporter

    Every month
    Donate $100 Monthly to support the Sanctuary.
    • Every donation will supply basic necessities for the animals
    • Food, Beds, Bowls, & Toys
  • Wellness Supporter

    Every month
    Donate $400 monthly.
    • This will help provide proper medical care.
    • Vaccines, Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventative
    • Medicine and Medicated Shampoos
    • Assist with surgery expenses.
  • Grooming Standards

    Every month
    Help us with keeping our adoptees looking their best.
    • With this plan you will provide:
    • Ear cleaning, nail trimming, & Dremel file downs.
    • Shave downs to remove matting.
    • Baths with or with our medicated shampoo.
    • Training on proper grooming behavior.
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