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Meet Our Team

Structure, Routine, and Compassion

We believe are the strongest fundamentals to building a safe and healthy environment while creating a positive and fear-free environment for our staff and animals.


Co-Owner; Head Dog Trainer; Evaluator

Kimberly Thurber

US Navy Veteran of 8 years participating in 4 deployments, specialized in organization & movement management. Her passion for animals has been present since she was a child. As an adult, her passion for a healthier lifestyle led her to become a certified CrossFit Coach in 2012. In 2019 She started her journey in the animal rescue world as an animal caretaker. Initially, being hired for a boarding & doggie daycare that was attached to rescue before being promoted to Rescue staff. In 2020, she was promoted to the manager of the boarding facility. During her time working for the rescue, she assisted & led many adoptions specializing in Pitbulls and other large breeds. As her love for the rescue world grew, she followed her childhood dreams to become a dog trainer. She has pursued 2 different trainer courses both specializing in fear-free tactics, along with CEU’s in various specialties. Her end goal is to rehabilitate rescues, so they have a better chance at finding their forever home. By specializing in fear-free training she understands it takes time and consistent practice, She fully believes this method builds trust and bonds like no other. Your pet and you will grow immensely in confidence, creating a happy and healthy bond to continue to grow throughout all phases of a dog's life cycle.


Co-Owner; Head Evaluator; Dog trainer

Alliena Westleigh

At the age of 16, She started an internship for a career in Quality Assurance. Her job specialized in ensuring that the safety, quality, and proper design standards were met and maintained to commercial and military code standards. Continuing on this path for 14 years, she earned a degree in Metallurgical Engineering. As a child, she grew up having a variety of large breed dogs such as Mastiffs and Rottweilers. She was always interested and fascinated with animal behavior, which led her to earn certifications in dog training while also performing volunteer work. In 2008, she volunteered with local rescues to bottle feed puppies and assist whelping mothers in delivery. In 2018, She started volunteering at her local SPCA. She would walk the larger dogs and work with them on basic commands. In 2019, she started volunteering on rescue attempts for lost and stray animals. This volunteer work led her to meet Kim Thurber. In 2020, she obtained her Kennel License and began working exclusively with reactive dogs. In 2021, She started fostering pregnant moms once more. She was then hired by Kim as an animal caretaker then promoted to assistant manager, due to her hard work ethic and demonstration of her capabilities. Being so passionate about animals she continued to follow her dreams and become a certified dog trainer. Her end goal is to continue to earn her Veterinarian Degree, so when rehabilitating a rescue, she & her staff will do their best to make sure they are healthy and have a better chance at finding them forever homes. 

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