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Fostering Saves Lives

Fostering saves adoptable animals from more than likely death at an overcrowded shelter. Misfits and Underdogs Sanctuary was created on the idea and dream of saving those facing imminent danger due to their abilities to be adoption ready. Statistics show that 47% of dogs and 42% of cats are rehomed due to problematic behaviors, aggressive behaviors, growing larger than expected, or health problems the owner couldn’t handle. Removing animals from a traumatic shelter environment filled with all sorts of animals gives them a happy home to live in, the opportunity to be properly trained, and a better insight into any behavioral issues or medical they might express while they wait for their forever home reducing their returns by future owners.

Foster parents are also able to have an added pet without the long-term commitment or can also gives their pet a playmate. It also allows the foster family to learn about different animal personalities to determine what would be a good fit for them. Most animals don’t behave like themselves in shelter settings. This gives the scared and anxious animals a chance to decompress as well as sets them up to put their best foot forward during adoption introductions. 

Please consider fostering and helping the battle against returned adoptions rates.


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